Monday, November 19, 2012


Last night I saw one of my favorite bands for the second time, Purity Ring, on a small boat venue in Lyon. I'm broke as broke can get, but i dished out the 10 euros to see them and Doldrums. I only have so much time in Lyon, so why not. This venue was, tiny, to say the least. Compared to when I saw them in Berlin in July, the sound system was not as good, and the crowd was boring, but I still enjoyed the show. I have started taking photos at shows, so i usually get really shitty shots because I know it must be awkward for bands performing to have their photos taken. I know I'd feel awkward. I did manage to pull a few decent shots, and because the quality of my Nikon is slowly deteriorating because of many factors, I'm starting to get this beautiful ugly grainy look to my digital photos with the lack of good lighting and I love it.

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