Saturday, April 19, 2014

The end is near....but so is the beginning

I've decided it's time that I start blogging again because since my last post, more things have happened than I know where to begin. I'm going to try my best to recap everything that has happened and share some photos, and then i will begin fresh and continue through the journeys that lie ahead of me.

Since my past most in November 2012, I moved back from Lyon, France to Tallahassee. While living in France, I took over an au pair position from a friend who had decided he didn’t want to be an au pair. I lived with a wonderful family with three amusing, energetic, and sweet children and learned so much more French living with them. I got to see what living with a French family was like and experience their culture and lifestyle. They took me skiing in the Alps and to Bandol in the south of France where I walked along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and saw some of the most beautiful landforms I have ever seen. I made incredible friends with a group of amazing people. They came from all walks of life and all types of different countries. We spoke a mix of languages and every time we were together, nothing could stop us from having the times of our lives.

Maria Alejandra, Sophie, Jeannie, Julian

Abi, Jeannie, Axel, and Juan Carlos in Emma's apartment

me on Christmas eve freaking out over pumpkin pie

Alyssa and I

Alyssa, Oren, and I

I went to Paris and stayed with my friend Elisa twice, and she sowed me the time of my life each time I visited. Her mom was the most welcoming woman in the world and I often told her than if she and my mom had a language in common, that they would be the best of friends. I explored Aix-En-Provence with my friends Leya and Alyssa, had numerous day-drunk picnics with friends at Parc de la Tête d’Or, puked over the side of Ayers Rock more than once after drinking on the steps of the Rhône, took more photos than I could afford to develop, saw the Molière play L’École des Femmes, and EXPERIENCED LIVING IN SNOW.  I saw Death Grips play a show in Lyon and made friends with a few English girls who were more obsessed with Death Grips than I was. I could go on forever about things I did in France, but now I want to talk about my return to Tallahassee.
snow from my apartment

Leya visits me in Lyon! in my favorite restaurant Mathilde

Axel Jeannie and David at Parc

Me in Vauvenargues

(Not) Skiing in Les Menuires

La Côte d'Azur

My Au Pair Kids

Everytime we roam the streets it's a party

Everyone at the parc skipping our classes

My first week back in the states, I went up to Tallahassee to see friends and meet my new roommate for the first time. I ended up having an amazing weekend seeing friends I hadn’t seen in over a year. A month later I moved into this amazing house with my roommates Tyler and Kelly. It’s a huge 1800 square foot house with wood floors and huge windows in the back room. I’ve finally got my room set up perfectly and I love it. I started my last year at FSU, and did pretty well in the fall semester, and I’m hoping to do well once I finish this spring semester. I have to take three courses this summer to meet graduation requirements, but after that my undergraduate degree will be over!

Since moving back to Tallahassee, I have made some incredible friends who fuel my life of life and art and music. I am constantly surrounded by creative and great musicians, talented writers, and amazing artists and it encourages me to keep doing new things and trying. I hosted my first house show called MEGABRUNCH, and had a bunch of local bands and two touring bands play a show in my back yard while we all sipped on mimosas and ate the biggest brunch ever. I got a Casio MT-100 a few months back and I love playing with it. I’ve recorded a few things and put them on soundcloud. I got to go to SXSW this year and see Austin for the first time. It was incredible and now I’m certain Austin is the place I want to move to, after my year off of course….

My front yard, and stolen sign from Seminole Grand

Kyle, Kasey, Me and Dylan

Friends at Total Bummer 4 Ever

Vacation dad, Meth Dad, so many dads, so many hawaiian shirts

Meth Dad at Megabrunch

Dave and Steve at Megabrunch

Kyle at Megabrunch

Amanda and Jordan

More friendssss

Junk's first show at Cuddle Punx Riot House

Which brings me to what the future will soon hold for me. I am going back to Europe in the beginning of august, less than a week after I graduate to be exact, to be an au pair again for a family living in Switzerland just 30 minutes outside of Geneva. They live in a beautiful apartment less than 5 minutes walk from the lake. They are very funny and nice people and I am so excited to become part of their family in just a few months. The wonderful part about all of this is that they will be paying for my language courses during my entire stay! And I’m also going to be making a ridiculously good amount of money, which will help me start paying off some loans from the first time I went overseas. I’m going to get to travel so much more this time around and spend time on bettering myself, developing the thousands of photos I have yet to develop yet, and perfecting my French.

There is so much change happening. One part of my life is ending, and another is just beginning and I only hope for the best.

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