Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sutphin Blvd

I have been traveling so much and have had little time to post. I left thursday last week to start my spring break. I first went to Charlottesville, Virginia to meet friends and I had a wonderful time! the last day i was there I woke up to snow and it was the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. I felt like a little kid on christmas morning. I went to a lot of cool places and met some really amazing people and took a ton of photos. needless to say, I forgot the charger for my d40 and right as I was pulling out of the station my battery died and i am now using film the rest of this trip. So I am absolutely in love with NYC. I'm staying with people I met through couch surfing and they are really awesome and they are having a party on friday since I'm leaving the next day. I have been to the city two days in a row now, seeing all these amazing places, such as Washington Square Park, the MET, RIDING THE SUBWAY!!!!!!!!!, eating at cool local restaurants, going to St. Marks, ect. tons and tons of things! I will be making a giant photo post when I get all my film developed once I get back to dumb old Florida.

(Also about the title! One of the subway stops I take to get off in Queens where I'm staying is Sutphin Blvd)

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