Thursday, November 3, 2011


I didn't mean for my blog to turn into a music blog.... but i have more photos from my first music festival! I went to Moogfest in Asheville, North Carolina this past week and I had the most amazing time. I saw artists ranging from Crystal Castles to Amon Tobin to John Maus to St. Vincent. I literally can't put into words how much of a high i am still getting from Moogfest. I Keep checking the tumblr tags and watching youtube videos to relive every experience. I took a fajillion photos as well. So i guess I'll post some photos and then talk about my weekend.

Road to North Carolina
Dan Deacon
Crowd at Dan Deacon
St. Vincent
The Flaming Lips
John Maus 
Well, I couldn't bring my camera into half the venues for dumb reasons, so i'm waiting for a few disposable cameras to be developed still. So we left thursday and drove to Atlanta and stayed the night at Shane's uncles house. We had some awesome local beer and pizza and watched Paranormal Activity 2, which was really dumb haha. The next morning we woke up and went to downtown Atlanta and walked around a bit and then headed off to Asheville. I think I fell in love with Asheville immediately, we were stuck in traffic outside of the town, but it was so lovely in the mountains that I didn't even care. Once we got there, we checked into out hotel and then went off to get out wristbands. It rained the first night and it was about 35F and although downtown Asheville is small, walking between venues was freezing and too long. 

The first show we caught was the end to Atlas Sound and then we went to the Asheville Civic Center to catch Holy Fuck. We stayed for all of them and then saw a portion of Moby before we went to get good spots to see Flying Lotus. Can I just say Flying Lotus was the best part of my night. The crowd was insane and everyone danced. 

Saturday we slept in a bit and then went to get breakfast downtown, but everything had an hour wait so we ended up going to Cracker Barrel. We headed to the Animoog Playground to see Dan Deacon. We arrived in the middle of his set and he was having the crowd for a giant circle to have a dance off! After him, Crystal Castles was playing so i basically charged the crowd to get right up front. The minute Alice Glass came on stage the crowd went nuts. i didn't even have to stand because everyone was pushing so much. I think I can say having Alice Glass spit alcohol on me was pretty amazing. I have no words for finally getting to see Crystal Castles live. I would spend all the money in the world to see them again. after Crystal Castles, The Flaming Lips played. I was trying to recover from the excessive bonding I had with the CC crowd, so i didn't go all the way in the crowd for Flaming Lips. I enjoyed their show so so so so so so so much. there was confetti everywhere and giant balloons. After two hours with the Flaming Lips we went back to the Civic Center to see Amon Tobin, who had the coolest stage set up i have ever seen. It was this geometrical stacked cube set up and he was inside of one of the cubes. I then went to see St. Vincent half way through their set and then stayed to see all of Battles. I think after that night I was the most exhausted I have ever been.

Sunday I woke up feeling on despite the fact we didn't got to bed til almost 5 am. we had a nice lunch and then explored downtown Asheville during the day. We stopped at the coffee place called the Chocolate Lounge and i had the best french press with steamed milk i have ever had. We saw John Maus first that day and he was literally insane. He was punching himself in the head and hitting himself and screaming like a maniac and it was so crazy. Im so glad i got to talk to john maus too he was very nice and we told him to come to tallahassee sometime! then Baths played!!!!!!!!! I was right up front and sang to every song and danced like i had no control of my body. I seriously love Baths' music so so much. then we went and got dinner and headed to the last show. we got to the Orange Peel right before Emancipator ended, enough time to charge to the fron to be in the very front center for Gold Panda. When Marriage came on i was so happy. Basically it was the best way to end the most perfect weekend. 

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