Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Family History

My Grandma with her friends as a kid (she's the one with her mouth open), 1955
Mary Ellen, my great-grandmother in February 1974
My Grandma, Jeannette, August 1960
My mom,  sometime in the 70's
My grandma
My grandma's school photo
Mary Ellen,  year unknown, I love this photo of her so much.
Mary Ellen, year unknown 
My grandma Jeanette and my grandpa Tom, 1968
My grandpa proposing to my grandma, 1968
my mom, 1973
Sugar (great-grandma) and her grandkids, my mom on the bottom right,  1973 
Sugar and my mom, 1972
My mom age 4 1/2, 1974
My mom on the far left and my aunt Heidi in the red.

My papa and my mom, 1974 
My grandpa Tom and my uncle David, year unknown
my mom :3
my mom, 1973
My Grandpa(left) and my great uncle Danny 1969
This is where I get my coolness from~

I have been recently scanning and going through all of my mom's photos and collecting memories from them. I love seeing my mom, my grandparents and great grandparents when they were younger and seeing where I got all my good looks from hehe. there's something about all these old photos that makes me feel ten times closer to my family. As much as I try to act like my family hasn't impacted me, I now realize that they, especially the women in my family have had the greatest impact on my life. My great-grandma, who we just call Sugar because she insists she hates being called grandma or granny, tells brilliant stories of our family in better times. I want my family in current times to go back to this. good stories, not bad ones. I want to bring nothing but good to my life and show that everything anyone has done to me is for goodness. I want to post a ton more photos, but im going to save them for another post, where you will see how much my mom and I look like we could be twins and how all the women in my family practically could all be sisters.

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